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This website was created as a resource for those interested in Michigan’s inland lakes. On this site, you can find information on lake water quality, watershed management, aquatic plants, lake levels, lake improvement boards and more. Much of this information can be readily downloaded. Thanks for visiting, and remember to check periodically for new postings.


Site Table of Contents
General Interest

​11,000 Lakes in Michigan: Fact or Fiction?
Back to the Future: A Perspective on History and Events that Shaped Michigan's Lakes and Streams
​Lake Management Planning: Not Another Study!
Technological Advances in Lake Mapping

What Type of Fish Can Your Lake Support?​

Alum Treatments to Reduce Internal Phosphorus Loading in Lakes

Getting to Know Shallow Lakes: Water Quality, Ecology, and Setting Realistic Expectations from the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District, Minnesota

Water Quality

Lake Water Quality

Trophic State

Lake Turnover and Stratification

Internal Phosphorus Loading
Lake Lingo: Cutting Through the Jargon
Lake Water Quality: Are We Winning the War?

Aquatic Plants​

Aquatic Plant Surveys: How and Why
Aquatic Plant Control: Things to Consider
Exotic Aquatic Plants
Eurasian Milfoil
Hybrid Milfoil: Management Implications and Challenges
Starry Stonewort
Hydrilla on the Move
Weevil Stocking to Control Eurasian Milfoil

Watershed Management

What is a Watershed?

Watershed Management: What Every Riparian Should Know and Do
Mapping and Understanding Your Lake’s Watershed
Shoreland Overlay Zoning
10 Ways to Protect Your Lake
Low Impact Development: Concepts and Considerations
The Value of Natural Shorelines
Keyhole or Anti-Funneling Ordinances

Planning and Zoning at the Watershed Level: Lessons Learned

Lake Level

Legal Lake Levels: Issues and Procedures
Lake Levels: What Every Drain Commissioner Should Know

Lake Boards

Lake Boards: Commonly Asked Questions
Michigan’s Inland Lake Improvement Act: A Half-Century of Cooperation and Accomplishment
Lake Improvement Boards: The Role of the Drain Commissioner

Michigan's Water Wonderland

The Dead River, Marquette County
Manistee Lake Improvement Program
Stony Lake, Oceana County
Diamond Lake, Cass County
Pentwater Lake, Oceana County
Tri-Lakes, Mecosta County​


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