Water Quality

Lake Water Quality

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Lakes can be classified into three broad categories based on their productivity or ability to support plant and animal life. The three basic lake classifications are “oligotrophic,” “mesotrophic,” and “eutrophic.”

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Lake Lingo: Cutting Through the Jargon

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Drain and water resources commissioners often deal with lakes and lake issues. Be it a statutory lake board, a legal lake level, a drain project or general discourse with a constituent, lakes are often a topic of discussion. This article provides background information on some of the technical language used to describe lakes and lake processes. Hopefully, this information will provide a better understanding of lakes, lake water quality, and some basic lake jargon.

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Lake Water Quality: Are We Winning the War?

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With this being the 50-year commemorative issue of The Michigan Riparian, it seems like a good time to ask the question, “Are we winning the war to preserve the quality of our lakes?” While this is a reasonable question, it is difficult to answer... Read more