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Lake Management Planning: Not Another Study!

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In lake management, there is often a desire to forge ahead to tackle a problem rather than taking the time (and expense) to fully evaluate options. After all, who wants to spend time and money for a study when “all we have to do is treat the weeds?” This article discusses the need for fact-based decision-making in lake management. Read more

Technological Advances in Lake Mapping

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Advances in technology have helped make lake mapping much easier. In the not too distant past, lake mapping was done by hand. Holes were drilled through the ice and weighted drop lines were used to measure depths and collect bottom samples. This was a laborious process that often took many days to complete. Much of this mapping was conducted by the Michigan Conservation Department Institute of Fisheries Research in the 1940 to 1970 timeframe. Read more

Lake Mapping: An Overview of Methods and Potential Uses

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A primary use of any map is navigation, but a map can also show prime fishing locations, bottom substrate, plant growth areas, spawning sites, depth and shoreline changes, and a variety of other features. This article provides an overview of historical… Read more