Lake Boards

Lake Boards: Commonly Asked Questions

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Michigan has thousands of inland lakes. For over 40 years, Michigan’s lake board law has been used to implement lake improvement projects. This article provides an overview of lake board procedures and addresses some commonly asked questions … Read more

Michigan’s Inland Lake Improvement Act: A Half-Century of Cooperation and Accomplishment

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For half a century the Lake Board Law has been one of the primary statutes used to manage Michigan’s inland lakes. The law that allows for the establishment of a lake improvement board was originally known as the Inland Lake Improvement Act (Public Act 345 of 1966). The statute was later re-codified, as were a number of other environmental statutes, and became part of Michigan’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act... Read more

Lake Improvement Boards: The Role of the Drain Commissioner

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With the recent elections, many new Drain Commissioners will be surprised to find that, under Michigan law, they will wear several different hats! New Drain Commissioners will need to become familiar with their responsibilities and authority under the Michigan Drain Code; they may also find that they are the county delegated authority or agency responsible for … Read more