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Lake Mapping: An Overview of Methods and Potential Uses

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A primary use of any map is navigation, but a map can also show prime fishing locations, bottom substrate, plant growth areas, spawning sites, depth and shoreline changes, and a variety of other features. This article provides an overview of historical… Read more

Mapping and Understanding Your Lake’s Watershed

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A watershed is the land area surrounding a lake from which water drains to the lake. The imaginary line that defines a watershed is the watershed boundary, or is sometimes called the drainage divide. A watershed can be big or small, and the size and shape depends on the “lay of the land” and... Read more

Back to the Future: A Perspective on History and Events That Shaped Michigan’s Lakes and Streams

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This article provides an overview of historical events that transformed Michigan’s lakes and streams. It is not intended to be a comprehensive account of history, but rather focuses on past events and activities that directly impacted Michigan’s lakes and streams. It is hoped this article will provide the reader a perspective of Michigan history and the rapid pace at which change can occur. Read more