About the Authors

Tony Groves, Pam Tyning, and Paul Hausler have over 90 years of combined experience working as lake management consultants with Progressive AE in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Tony, Pam, and Paul created MichiganLakeInfo.com, a website for those interested in Michigan’s inland lakes. On this site, you can find information on topics such as lake water quality, lake and watershed management, aquatic biology, emerging issues, invasive species, and more. 

Tony Groves

Tony is the Water Resources Practice Leader in Progressive AE’s Civil Engineering Group. He has over 30 years of experience working with lake communities throughout Michigan to ensure successful implementation of lake and watershed management projects.

Pam Tyning

Pam is responsible for data acquisition, data analysis, literature research, water quality sampling, report preparation, technical specifications, project coordination, and grant administration. She has 30 years of experience conducting water quality evaluations, defining problems and corrective strategies, and project implementation.

Paul Hausler

Over the past 30 years, Paul has been involved in all of Progressive AE’s large water resource management projects. Paul is primarily responsible for conducting field investigations, water quality monitoring, and coordinating aquatic plant control projects.